Easy Girl's Birthday Card

When you need to make a batch of cards in a jiffy, consider using a sketch like the one I made below.  It's fast and easy on the budget, too.

Budget friendly is always a good thing.  :-)

To make just one card, all you need is:
- a standard-sized, white card base
- a piece of bright pink cardstock (scored or dry embossed if you wish)
- a piece of 3 3/4" x 3/4" patterned paper
- a 1 1/2" square piece of yellow cardstock
- a piece of 1 1/4" white cardstock
- a small image stamp (like a cake) and a sentiment stamp--inked in coordinating color

Wish you could get your banner pieces centered and perfect every time?  Wish no more!  Simply center your banner piece so that half the piece is to the left of the cutting track and half is to the right.

Lower the blade so that it pokes a hole between the one centimeter mark and two centimeter mark.  (DO NOT slide the blade.  Just push it down so it pokes a tiny slice-mark/hole in the paper.  Lift the blade and remove the paper.

Snip from the two corners closest to the mark--snipping just to the hole you made.  See the picture above for help.

NOTE: Want longer banner tails?  Increase the number of centimeters where you poke the hole.

Thanks for stopping by to look!


tjhubner said...

This is such a cutie, like everything about it. Cute as can be, and the recipient will just love it too. Thanks for sharing such a sweet card. Just the right amount of everything. Hugs MOM

Ruby Sunshine said...

I'm in love with this! I wanna make a ton in different styles to have around. I will do so and post and show ya what you inspire! HUGS!