Napkin Fold Cards

Here are three examples of Napkin Fold Cards.  I thought it would be fun to show you some different ones--to inspire you to use this type of fold card for any occasion.
Do you remember this paper?  Sophia.  Sweet Sophia.
The black and white card materials came from Michaels, I think.
And this cute heart paper is just something I had in my open cardstock collection.  (Those of you who collect paper like I do understand what I mean.  :-)
Directions for this fold card will follow tomorrow.  It is taking me a lot of pictures to create a proper tutorial, so I need a little more time.
Thanks for stopping by today.   Smles ;-)  Joanie

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Anonymous said...

I've never tried this kind of fold before. I'm already trying to decide what paper I'm going to use. Can't wait to see the directions posted! :-) -Brenda