How to Make a Diaper Fold Card (or Treat Container)

This Fold Card fits easily in a square envelope.  It's a fun little card and can even work as a treat container--since the pocket expands enough to fit several things.

SO CUTE, right?  :-)  If you like the offset flower, which I made this time using the CTMH circle punch, you can click here to view the offset flower tutorial.
Here's how to make this easy Diaper Fold Card--which looks terrific when using double-sided paper:
Begin with a very square piece of 8 1/2" x 8 1/2" paper.  (Double-sided paper really is recommended.)

 Fold the square in half diagonally, crisping the fold with a bone folder so it lays nice and flat.
Now that you unfolded your square, you can see two triangles made with the fold line in between.  At the tip of the bottom triangle (the triangle facing closest to your body), measure up 2 5/8" and mark it with a dot at that measurement.
Insert your paper into a paper trimmer, lining up the dot in the cutting track.  (Tip: Use the long fold crease to line up the paper evenly in the trimmer.)  Then, use a bone folder to score a line from one edge of the paper to the other--over that little dot you measured.
Done correctly, you will now have to fold lines that run parallel to each other.
Take your paper out of the trimmer.
Re-fold the first fold so that the square looks like a rectangle.  Then, fold down just the first part of the top triangle along the last score line you created.  (Done correctly, it will look like the picture above.)
Unfold that last fold you just made so it looks like one big triangle again.

Using the fold line as your guide, take the left edge of the triangle and line it up under the fold line.  Crisp the crease with the bone folder.  Use the picture above to help you.
Repeat with the right edge of the triangle.
Fold the top flap back down again.  Stick something in the pocket to set the pocket.
Remarkably, you will not need any adhesive to keep this fold in its place.
Decorate the pocket and create a card to go inside.  OR, make it a treat box.
Here are a couple of mini versions--which can be used at a baby shower to fill with treats for the guests.
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Miriam Prantner said...

So cute! Love the mini ones with the little clothespins!