How to Make a Modified Criss Cross Fold Card

Criss cross cards are fun pocket cards to make--adding a little something unexpected for the reader.  However, it always irritated me a little bit that I had to cut down the size of the insert so much, just so it would slide easily in and out of the taped pocket.

After thinking about it a little bit, I decided to modify the pocket and use flaps so that a full-sized insert fits easily inside.

Just looking at it, the modified card doesn't seem too different from the original.  In my opinion, this modified version functions better.
A nice and white space is on the back of the insert, just waiting for that hidden personal message.
Here's how to make the modified criss cross fold card.
Begin with a piece of cardstock that is 8 1/2" x 6 1/2" in size.
- Score one line down each of the two long sides at 1/2".
- Score down the middle of the card at 4 1/4" to create the standard card base size.

Trim away the two, skinny, rectangular pieces made by the score lines.  Refer to the picture above for help.
Insert the cardstock back into the paper trimmer as shown in the picture.  Be sure to line up the opposite corners and cut diagonally from the corner at the middle of the card to the opposite outer corner.
Remove the two pieces from the paper trimmer.  Trim away a little of the flaps so they close easily and look neat and tidy on the project.  (Don't be surprised if you need to trim a little more after folding.  It's sometimes tough to gauge "how much".  :-)  Refer to the picture to see how the flap edges near the diagonal are trimmed a little more than the other two.
Flip the cardstock that resembles at triangle down so that it looks like the picture above.  Fold in the two flaps and add tacky tape to the flaps.
Ignore the piece of cardstock that resembles the triangle for just a moment.  Let's focus on the bigger piece.  Remove the protective film on the adhesive and fold up--attaching the triangle pocket along the right edge with the the sticky flap.
(At this point, add patterned paper to the triangle piece.  To create the triangle piece, cut a 4" x 5 1/4" rectangle in half diagonally.  I like to use double-sided, patterned paper.  The two triangles cut from the patterned paper will sit on the two criss-cross pieces.)

Let's get back to that triangle shape.  We need to add a little more adhesive--this time along the top edge and just on that half of the triangle.  It is important to do this step so you properly secure this triangle to the front of the other one.  Remove the protective tape and flip it up and onto the top of the other piece------carefully matching the bottom and left sides to the card base.

Done correctly, your card base will now have it's "criss cross" shape and the pocket will be complete.  Add your second piece of patterned paper to the top triangle piece.
Cut your insert to fit inside the pocket.  I made mine 4 1/8 x 5 1/4".  Why?  The insert sits at the bottom of the pocket, so you don't need to trim away 1/4" or it will not sit evenly in the pocket opening.  (But that's just picky stuff.  You can make it whatever size you please.  :-)
Finish decorating, write your personal message, and you're done.  :-)
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Karen said...

Thanks for the tutorial! Really liked the way yours turned out. Glad to see you posting again!

Lynn said...

I am having fun making this style of card too. Love how you used the Tommy papers. the tutorial on your modifications is great! TFS

canadian_liner said...

EXCELLENT tutorial, Joanie. Many thanks. The detailed steps all supported with photos (which also look nice and crisp on black with no distracting stuff in the background!) make me want to break out my paper-trimmer right away! Can't wait for your next installment.