Hoppy Birthday Card

Here's the third card to go with the Vallentine Bag and Gift Card set.  I tried to keep all the cards similar in color and style so they looked like a set.

More Vineyard Berry, Blush, Colonial White and Sweet Leaf----this time with "Perfect Fit Frames--Flair" and a cute sentiment and frog from "Dream Big."

I was going to do the typical "wrap ribbon around the front" design, but ended up using what I call a "bookmark" tie instead. 
To do the bookmark tie, simply:
- fold your length of ribbon in half
- slip the loop end down through the hole
- pull on the loop until it is big enough to drop the two ribbon ends through and
- genlty tug on the ribbon ends from the other side to tighten the knot.
Thanks for stopping by!  :-)

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tjhubner said...

Love it....this little frog is so sweet. This is a the play on words too...MOM