Recycled Message Board

We recently repainted my kitchen, and the message board was looking really bad.  I decided to give it a make over too.  The white board (dry erase board) was really in bad shape.  My daughter gave me the idea to cover it and decorate it the way I wanted. Then use glass to write on.  It is really working out well and am so glad I used glass instead of another piece of white board.  It is a keeper,  and better yet I was able to recycle the old board and give it new life.  Less money, and I really like it better than anything I could have bought. 

A big THANK YOU to Brenda for such a great idea. 

Have a great weekend, thank you for coming by my blog today, :-)  Joanie


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you finally posted this. I just love this idea and completely agree that it is better than something you would have paid much more for at the store.

Good job on creating something new from something old! :-)

tina said...

Cool! I was wondering what I could do with my old bulletin boards.