Wedding Card

This wedding card is something new for me.  I have used ribbon before but not like this.  
I hope you like the simplicity of it.  

I usually have difficulty with the message inside, but not today.  These words came to me rather easily.
I thought they were sooooo good that maybe I should share.

Happy 4th of July,  wishing you hope, love and faith.  Joanie


momkerchie said...

Love your card and your message! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

That is sweet! The ribbon heart makes me think of a card idea for Valentine's Day, too. :-) -B

Reni said...

Hello Joanie,
I like your cards so very much and this card especially. The ribbon heart brought lots of ideas for me, many thaks for it.
Have a nice time, I will visit you very soon.
Sending you greetings and a smile, Reni