Check Out This Friend's Work

Today I'm shouting from the blog-tops, "Hey, world!  Check out this friend's fabulous work!"  She's Ruby Sunshine of Ruby Sunshine Creations and here's a peek at her latest project.

This coffee filter rose creation is gorgeous!  Please CLICK HERE to see here blog post.  She's got oodles of talent using paper and other materials for more than just cards.  She's pretty recent to blogging, too.
Perhaps you'd even be inspired to become one of her blog followers, leave a comment, and really make her day.  :-)
Thanks for heading over to take a look.  Ruby's a special friend and I'm so excited she entered this piece in her first challenge.
Ruby Sunshine-------I'm giving you the Liebster Blog Award!

It's yours to keep.  Ordinarily you'r supposed to add this button to your blog and then tell some stuff about you--then pass the award on to somebody else.  But I'll leave that up to you, okay?  :-)  Just enjoy!


Ruby Sunshine said...

Wow! You my dear friend you are just to good to me! Your kind sweet words mean so much to me...

Keep rocking your crafts ladies! Lots of hugs!

Lynn said...

Adorable, heading over to check out her blog.

tjhubner said...

Thanks, Lynn. :-) Hugs, B