How to Create A Zig-Zag Gate Fold Card

Well it is about time that I posted a card.  I have been busy making doll clothes for my Grand-Daughter for Xmas.  You would think that just because of there size that they would be so easy to make.  Well not at my house!!  Not sewing as much as I use to it takes granny a bit long to do any sewing these days.  Well on to this card.  I saw this card at Luvin Life Friday "Wendy Cranford" site.
It had a different look to it and so I thought I would give it a try.  Hope you like it too, just something a little different for us to play with.

This is the inside when opened. 

Starting with paper cut at 6" X 10"  (cut two).
Next you will need to score each piece of paper at 4", 6", 8".
The 4" will be the center of the card.  One of the pieces of paper 4" will be set directly on top of the other 4" piece of paper.  This is your center base card.   You will need to cut a diagonal line from the 4" score line to the 2" line on each of the pieces of paper.


If you wish to ink your edges now would be a good time.


When card is put together it should look like the above pic.  You can decorate it however you wish.
I also made a belly band to help it stay closed.  This can be whatever you like.  I think mine was about a 1 1/2" wide .

If you have any questions please feel free to ask, and I will do my best to help you out. 

Thanks for visiting today, have a fun filled crafting weekend, Joanie

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Anonymous said...

That is very clever! It is almost like opening a present. Thanks for posting this fold card. :-) -B