How to Create a Brick Wall

I really enjoyed this technique because I enlarged the brick this time and made the pieces so much easier to handle. 
The first thing I did was to place on the foliage on a piece of paper.  The paper measured about 3" X 4".  or whatever you need for the size of card that you have in mind.
Now using your paper trimmer we will start to cut out the bricks.  First you will cut them across the page.  I cut mine at 3/4" wide.  This is key " always place your pieces in order down the page."
Next you will cut them into bricks.  I cut mine at 1 1/2" long.  Remember the second row will need to be offset.  I made errors several times so I finally cut the those rows first.  The bricks are 11/2" long so I  cut them at 3/4".   Be sure to keep all bricks in order. 

Now you will ink the edges of the brick.  I found that if I inked the top of the brick each time that I could easily keep all bricks in order when going around the brick with the ink.  Remember start with the top of the brick and from there you will always know where to place your brick.

Now you will place your bricks on a piece of cardstock.  Making sure to start with a square corner at the top.  Run your tape adhesive along the top this will be your first row of bricks.  From there you just keep adding rows of bricks.  After I was finished laying down the bricks I trimmed the cardstock to give the bricks a neat and tidy finish.  The ink I used to ink the brick was Bamboo CTMH.
Thanks for visiting today.  Give this a try, really a fun technique.  Have a fun time with it.  Joanie


Anonymous said...

Love it! :-) This card is very eye-catching and pretty. Thanks for the handy tutorial. :-) -B

NJ Stamping Queen said...

Very nicely done! thanks for the visual details too!
:) Marie

Kathleen said...

OMG what a beautiful and fun technique!!

Ruby Sunshine said...

How fun is this! Oh man I see a great red man one done I cant wait to try this how cool!!! Thanks for the great idea!

Karen said...

I love this idea! I saw it on another CTMH consultant's blog, Gina Brandstetter. She actually drew the lines (bricks)on the back of her image and numbered them so that when they were cut apart she could easily put them in order. Here is a link to her blog. Again, I love your card!

Abby said...

What a fun technique! Thanks for sharing!

Patricia de Laguan said...

OMG is a beautiful !!

Thanks and blessing for the El Salvador