Preschool Art with CTMH Artiste

I'm prepping for the upcoming school year and just finished this sweet Valentine Heart Sun Catcher for the three-year-old class.  Since it uses the CTMH "Artiste" Cricut cartridge, it thought it would be fun to share it here.

I can see one done in red, white, and blue in a star shape for the Fourth of July.  It's a great project for the kinds to do one summer day, too.

All you need is two red heart cutouts like this one from the Artiste cartridge.  I cut them out at 7 3/4" and saved the extra pieces for another project.

See how pretty it looks when placed in the window?

Here's a complete list of supplies you will need:
- two heart cutout frames
- two pieces of contact paper cut into hearts that are 1/4" bigger all the way around than the inside of the heart frame
- double-sided tape
- small tissue paper squares in several colors

Here's how you assemble the activity:
- Lay one heart frame on the work space.
- Remove backing and tape one piece of contact paper to the hear frame----sticky side up.
- Have your preschooler add the tissue squares to the contact paper.
- Remove the backing and tape the second piece of contact paper over the first-----sticky side down.
- Add a little extra double-sided tape to the frame and lay the second frame over the top of the project.
- Punch an hole in the top of the frame and string yarn, string, or ribbon through to hang the finished artwork.
- Have your preschooler sign and date his/her piece in white gel pen on the back of the frame.

Thanks for stopping by to look!

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Ruby Sunshine said...

So pretty! I need to put on my to do list with kiddo! Your so creative!