Three Cheers for Mini Cards

In my mind, mini cards are any cards smaller than the standard 4 1/4" x 5 1/2".  Recently I've taken to making more mini cards. 

Here are several reasons why:

1. Mini cards provide a unique opportunity to showcase smaller stamps that often get overlooked or not used.

2. Mini cards require less product, reducing overall cost per card.

3. Mini cards utilize smaller scraps of paper (helping us use those bits we've been collecting instead of cutting into a brand new sheet of cardstock).

4.  Mini cards make great cards to accompany gifts and gift bags--though they are just as easy to send through the mail.  Just make sure you use a larger envelope to go through the postal service machinery.

5.  Mini cards also spotlight stitching and special embellishments that would often be considered a supporting cast so-to-speak on standard cards.

Simple scoring, stitching and sponging make this card sweet.  The sentiment comes from "Somethin' Special" and the flower is from "Girls Rock."

Random stamp your own coordinating background in a flash using tiny stamps like circles, dots, asterisks and periods from alphabet stamp sets.  I did just that here--and threw in a small flower from one of the new stamp sets.

After scoring lines in cardstock, sponge the edges and run the same colored ink over the top using a rubber brayer.  It highlights the score lines and adds depth to the background.

Here's an example of a simple frame I made to highlight the wording.  I over-sponged the slightly larger square with coordinating ink before gluing the smaller square on top.

Smaller cards also give you an opportunity to focus on details like stitching.  It's also fun to decorate the inside and back of these smaller cards.  Because they are smaller, the recipient pays a little closer attention to what's on them.

And, finally, there's a little less space for journaling.  That can be a blessing in two ways.  If you want to write something lengthy and special, handwrite it on stationary and tuck the folded paper inside the card.  Or, if you find yourself shy on words, a simple message or quote is all that is needed to fill the inside completely.

I hope this little post motivates you to try mini cards.  CTMH's "Wishes" and "Originals" books offer easy and friendly patterns on a variety of small cards--perfect for times when we don't want to think up a design on our own.  (All the cards above were inspired by patterns from the "Orignials" book.

Thanks for stopping by!


tjhubner said...

Wow, these little cards are so pretty. Love the colors you have chosen. Really very special. Hugs Mom

Miriam Prantner said...

Great set of cards! I love making minis too....sometimes I feel like making them (and tags) will get me out of a rut since they are for some reason quicker and easier. I love the hand stitched accents too!

tjhubner said...

I really, really like these little jewels, I mean really, really. MOM

Stacy said...

I love mini cards. These are real jewels and such great colors. Very nice!