Angela's Flower

This flower was first seen by Angela at a friend's wedding.  The paper flowers were hot glued together to form a ball.  She brought one flower for my daughter to take apart and figure out how it was made.

The original used a straw in the middle and lots of hot glue.  My daughter's version is a little smaller than the original, uses six instead of five pieces, no straw, and is held together with pick tacky tape.  Read on to see how she made it.

This flower is very 3-D and would not suit a card but rather used in some sort of decoration.  Used for this post is CTMH "Footloose" paper with a big pearl opaque from Michaels in the middle.

Here's a side view of the finished flower.  Quite lovely all on it's own, yet very easy to put a bunch together to form a ball--perfect for a baby shower or other party decor.

To begin, you will need a 12 x 12 piece of paper.  Patterned paper makes for a fun finished look.  You will need to cut six, 4" squares for this project.

Score at 2" in both directions.  (Look closely to see the two lines score lines that cross in the middle of the paper.)

Score only one line from one corner to the opposite corner.  DO NOT score a second line.

Measure and mark at 1" on both papers sides of the two corners where the diagonal score line was made.  Then line up the opposing marks and score two more lines across the paper.

Here is a picture of lines drawn to show all the score lines you will have made.  The solid lines will now need to be folded up (a valley fold).  Unfold after each fold is made.  The dashed line will need to be folded down (a mountain fold.)  Unfold after this fold is made.

Flip the paper over.   Fold the edge of one of the scored corners so that the fold starts at one score mark and ends at another.  Done correctly, you will end up with a triangle shape like the one in the picture above.  Do this to the opposite corner, too.  You will only end up with two folded corners when finished.

Flip the paper back over and bend along the folds so that the diagonal fold (marked just for you in dashed lines) retains that mountain fold.

Fold the rest of the way closed.  It will now look like the picture above.

Fold the two sides up along the score lines to get your paper to look like this.

Add some tacky tape along one flap.

Push the two flaps together.  Done correctly they will now be hidden inside like this.

Add a length of tacky tape along the bottom of the paper.  This will help you secure the folded pieces next to each other to form a flower.

That's all it takes.  I hope you have fun trying this on your own!

Thank you for stopping by my blog.  Sending smiles, Joanie (and Brenda)

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