Valentine Card

Hi there,

This little Valentine was fun to make.  It reminds me of the shaped cards I gave as a little girl.  It was all about the shape back then.  I made my own pattern and cut out two heart shapes.  With the one in the back I scored it about a half inch down.  Doing it this way it insures that the card will open easily and that the front will not have a crease in it.  In other works with the scoring you have made a hinge.  I used score tape to connect the two separate hearts together.

I added a strip of paper across the top of the inside of the card.  In this way a gift card or a little cash will be secure inside.

Thanks for visiting, have fun with your Valentine's,  Joanie


Anonymous said...

So.......I saw this and totally want to copy it. I LOVE the way it opens at the top with a hinge. You constantly inspire, Mom! Love you, B :-)

Ruby Sunshine said...

This is such a sweet fun card! I love the classic heart shape of it just like the good old days and the colors and your touches are just right!!!!