CTMH for the Classroom

It's fun to use my stamping supplies for the classroom.  When my husband mentioned an upcoming project, I jumped at the chance to design this game for him.  Actually, I made eight.

The challenge was to create a game that would appeal to middle school students.  In other words, I had to drop the "cute" and embrace the "cool."

I cut many 1 1/2" squares from Pacifica, Chocolate, Pear and Sunset cardstock.  Where I wanted the pathway on the board to curve, I simply used the corner rounder punch in one corner.  Then I sponged all the edges of every square with coordinating ink.  Yes, it took time.  Let's just say I caught up on a few episodes of a tv show I enjoy while sponge daubing away.  :-)

To accent the Pacifica squares, I used the chevron stamp from "Whose Your Valentine."  I felt it kind of looked like water, which goes with the watershed theme.

To accent the Sunset squares, I used a stamp from "Dream Big" and a circle stamp from "Grown with Love."  I felt like they, together, looked like little pollution bugs.

When students land on a Sunset square, they draw an orange "pollution" card.  All "pollution cards have a Sunset-colored exclamation point.

Above is an example of a pollution card.

When students land on Pacific "water" cards, their opponent must ask them a question from the blue question mark stack.  Above is an example of a question regarding watershed.
This game was designed to coordinate with the special watershed theme.  However, the plan is to swap out cards for different themes during the school year to review specific science concepts.
Thanks for letting me share this fun project with you.
PS  Here's a picture of another game I made---a game for Valentine's Day using the cute doggy from "A Bowwow" stamp set.  I made this game board with a curving path.  The path was cut by hand, which was different from the one above, and mounted on a piece of 12" x 12" chipboard.
Using color-coordinating supplies from Close To My Heart or the paper crafting supplies of your choice is a fun and easy way to make games for family, for use at school, even for homeschooling.
I recommend, when possible, laminating with the thicker, cold lamine product so the game lasts for years.


Miriam Prantner said...

Love it when you make games. This is perfect, and the great thing is you can use it for all sorts of lessons/themes - just change up the question cards. Great job!

tjhubner said...

You ROCK !! This is going to be a big hit with the children. Very appealing to the eye and it's going to be allot of fun to play. We'll just keep it a secret that they will learn from it. Smiles MOM

Paula said...

Brenda, this is way awesome and not just "cool" but "super cool"! Love that you put it inside a file folder as well :) ... thanks for sharing this.

Unknown said...

Brenda, nice work! I'm looking at developing a similar game for students, also on a watershed theme. Would you and your husband be willing to share the text on the cards with me? Thank you for sharing this neat project on your blog.