How to Make a Pinwheel Card

This Pinwheel is so much fun to make.  The following is a picture tutorial of the steps needed to complete this pin wheel.

You will need to cut your paper at:

1 at 3" square
2 at 2 5/8" square
8 at 1 1/4" square

Next you need to mount one piece on top of the other to get your shape for the pin wheel.


Finding the center of your mat pad is an easy way to get all pieces of paper to line up correctly as you place one on the other.


In this photo I have changed up the colors in the hopes that your might be able to see how the layers are applied.

Next we start to lay down the 1 1/4" pieces on the base. I have chosen two different papers but with the same color scheme.  Alternating one and then the other pattern.  Make sure to line these outside  edges neatly  all the way around.


Note to self  !!!!  When applying the first piece of paper to the pin wheel only glue one side down.  After you have gone all the way around you need to slide the last piece underneath the first piece to complete the pinwheel.  Here is a closeup of the finished pin wheel.  To finish it off I placed a button in the center.

Thanks for coming by today...hope your week is going well...have a good one....smiles....Joanie

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Anonymous said...

That is GREAT! I love making this card and think I'll make one this afternoon! Thanks for the instructions. :-) Brenda