Cards Made by Children

Several months ago, I was busy doing housework when I noticed it was kind of quiet in the house.  Dear husband and son were outside doing yardwork, so I went in search of my daughter.  And I found her, working quietly and intently in the art room.

I have two tables set up in the art room--a space for her and a space for me.  And she was busy using all sorts of stamping/crafting supplies to create cards for a soon-to-be baby cousin.

I'm sharing them today, because I firmly believe you're never to young to enjoy papercrafting.  Without ANY help or input from me, she created the following cards.

Here she used CTMH's Footloose paper, some MS Glitter Glue, foam tape and adhesive, and CTMH's "Bee Happy" stamp set to create this card.  Pretty good for a ten-year-old, yeah?  :-)

Here's more Footloose paper and I think she used CTMH's "Dream Big" stamp set.
I hope this inspires you to allow your daughters, grand-daughters, nieces and young girls to explore and discover the wonderful world of cardmaking and papercrafting.  I'm very careful to show her techniques when she's interested and allow her to develop her own style.  I've taught her how to treat our crafting supplies so they will last and be of use for years to come.  I've worked to make her feel very welcome to go into the art room and create when the mood suits her--even if I'm not in there.
Today she took a card to school she made last night.  It's for her teacher's birthday.  It's very special and I regret I did not get a picture of it.  Sure, I could have sent a card from me, but I think the one she made means so much more.  The joy we feel when we make something homemade to give as a gift is such a special feeling.  It's like giving a little piece of our very selves in love.
And here's a card she made when she was only seven.  Again, all by herself, as a surprise for me.  Inside she wrote the words "keep on trying."  I have it permanently displayed on my art room wall.  I feel so blessed to have the children I do.
Thanks for letting me share this post with you!


Jane O'Leary said...

How very special, great cards

Ruby Sunshine said...

Oh they are some great works of art! I love that she comes up with them on her own and they look so great for such a young age! Keep up the great work Brenda's Daughter!I love that the craftiness is in the blood with you women!

Miriam Prantner said...

She is so talented! Just like her mama and grandmother! Wonderful cards, love that she has her own space in your room!

luv2srap said...

I love That you put her work on your blog. My daughter thinks it is really special when I put her stuff on mine. The first thing she says to me is look at this and the next thing is are you going to put it on your blog.

tjhubner said...

These cards are so your daughter. She is so talented all ready. Can't wait for her to make more. Job well done little one. Hugs