How to Mask with Painter's Tape

This morning while trying to make a  picture tutorial the tape did not come off the cardstock at all.  It actually took off a layer of the paper.  Last week I made four of this design and had no problem so I am thinking I just needed to test the different cardstock just to make sure all will remove properly.  Funny thing though the effect wasn't bad, kinda liked it.  Something different you know.
Anyway using your mat as a guide lay your paper down and mask off about two inches.  I set mine toward the top about an inch from the edge.  This was my preference but you can do what you like.  Using black ink with a quarter sponge, sponge around the edge leaving the center uninked. 

Next I added the green, this color is a CTMH color called Topiary.

Next I added the outline of the flowers and a random leaf, in black ink.
Using a marvy marker I just added some color to the center of the flower. And finally you can decorate your card as you wish. 
Thanks for coming by to visit.  Need to give this a try allot of fun........ Joanie 
Hey there!  Mom, I hope you don't mind, but I just had to post one of my painter's tape cards from the past.

I just wanted to show how you can tear the painter's tape before laying it down on the card.  Then stamp your images, sponge, too.  Remove the torn painter's tape and sponge lightly to soften the look and add it to your card base.
Thanks for letting me stop by and invade this post, Mom!


Miriam Prantner said...

What a great idea! This is definitely cheaper than the stuff I have!

Anonymous said...

I'm really glad you shared this tutorial and I especially like seeing the different cards made with this technique. Beautiful job! :-) Brenda

canadian_liner said...

This is a "DOH" moment...of course painter's tape would work well for this! I have special stencil tape, but I'm going to give your way a try. Love all the tips and tutorials on your blog!