How to do Basic Masking with Paper

I made this little card with CTMH stamps, ink and paper.  The little truck is one stamp, so I had to mask it in order to get the different colors I wanted.

I love how the Pacifica, Pear and Topiary work so well together.  The truck body is inked in Sunset.  White and Chocolate cardstocks also play a supporting role.

Here's a little picture of basic masking steps to use three different colors on the truck.  To begin, I stamped the image three times on a piece of scratch paper.  I removed a different portion of each truck.

Step One:
- Remove the truck body.
- Position the "mask" (also known as a cutout) over your good piece of paper.
- Re-stamp your image in the body color of your choice--right on top of the mask and the good paper.  Use your ability to look through the clear block and stamp to line up the image before stamping firmly.

TIP:  Use thin paper or sticky notes to mask for crisper images.

Step Two:
- Remove the wood in the truck bed.
- Position the second mask over your good piece of paper (the one with the truck body on it).
- Re-stamp your image in the wood color of your choice--lining up the image and stamping firmly.

Step Three:
- Remove the tires.
- Position the third mask over your good piece of paper (the one with the truck body and wood on it).
- Re-stamp your image in black--lining up the image and stamping firmly.

Here's a picture of the two stamp sets I used to create the background. 
- Using Pear cardstock and ink, I stamped the "Universal Background" image (that's the large square stamp) first.
- Then I random stamped medium-sized dots in Pacifica.
- Next, I random stamped small dots in Topiary.
- A quick sponging around the square with Pear ink and the background was done. 
It's fun to make your own background paper that will coordinate perfectly with your project.
And now, for my question:  The bottom of the card seems a little lacking.  Any ideas of what might look good down there?  I'd love to hear your suggestions.  :-)
Thanks for stopping by!


Deb Fortin said...

Really cute card. Great masking tutorial.
the bottom seems a bit plain as you stated, I often add just one or two score lines with my MS scoreboard, raised ridge on the outside of the card . you can sand the ridge or add a bit of sponging, it makes the ribbon seem more substantial when you do that
or add a button/brad or two.

Miriam Prantner said...

So cute! The masking and fussy cutting make a big impact and I love how you dressed up the background with the dots.

tjhubner said...

You are one inspired girl. Bravo Just love all the details in this card and really all that you have posted this week and or months. You never disappoint, always original and one of a kind and always clean and sharp with great care in each and every detail. Your the bestest. Mom

momkerchie said...

I love the background paper you made with the circles!