How To Make a Double Diagonal Pocket Fold Card

I came across this card several years ago--before I learned about CTMH, the wonderful world of "My Acrylix" stamps, and before blogging. Sadly, I neglected to write down where I got this idea from. So, if someday that person should happen across this blog and post, my sincere thanks for introducing me to this style of fold card.

I'm showing you the inside first this time. Two pockets provide two ways to show you care. The first pocket will be used for a gift card. The second pocket will hold the mini card with a personal message inside.

This picture above gives a clearer picture of the pockets and how neatly the items tuck in them.

This is the front of the card. I've made it for my son. CTMH Superhero paper and "Fast and Furious" stamp set was used.

And here's how to make this style of fold card:

Before you begin, click on the picture above so you can see the close-up of the directions. Then, grab a piece of paper (double-sided with different patterns works really well for this card--if you want). I'll walk you through it.

As shown in the previous picture, score lengthwise at the 4 1/4" mark and across the width at the 5 1/2" mark.

Next, laying your paper so the length matches that of the picture above, cut along the center score line--but only on the left side. (Don't get confused. This next picture will show you which part to cut.)

Oh. And Measure in and down from the top left corner 2 3/4". Run a score line from mark to mark to create the upper triangle flap.

Measure in and up from the bottom right corner 3 3/4". Run a score line from mark to mark to create the bottom triangle flap.

See the cut mark? You're on the right track. :-)

Glue the triangle flaps down.

Add three narrow strips of tacky tap to the areas shown on the card. This will help secure the pockets.

Fold the left flap over to the right to create the first pocket.

Fold the second flap up to create the second pocket.
Finish by simply closing the card--creasing the final fold.
And that's it! Yippee! This is a fast one. Now the decorating can begin. :-)

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