How to Make a Z Fold Card with a Pocket

I'm kind of into pockets lately and thought I'd put one on a Z Fold Card to give extra room for a personal message.

Here's a card I made using Smoothie and Black cardstock, CTMH patterned paper (sponged in Smoothie for a hint of color), and various CTMH stamps.

I had fun stamping the banner stamp from "Paper Doll" to use on this card.

You can see the pocket on the middle panel.
Pull out the insert and see room for a personal message on back.

Making a Z Fold Card with a pocket is not difficult.
1. Begin with a piece of paper that is 5 1/2" x 12". 
2. Measure up from the bottom of the left side to 3 1/2" and make a mark.
3. Insert your paper into your trimmer so that the 3 1/2" mark from the left side is on the cutting line while at the same time the 5 1/2" corner of the right side is on the cutting line.  (Done correctly, your paper will look like it is crooked on the paper trimmer.
4. Cut the angle to make it look like the image above.
5. Score two lines----the line closest to the tallest part of the card (the right side) gets scored at 4 1/4".
The score line closest to the shortest part of the card (the left side) gets scored at 8 1/4".
6. From here, it's all about decorating and making the pocket.

Here you see I stamped the image on cardstock and patterned paper.  To add extra color to the Smoothie banner pieces, I rolled Smootie ink over the top and colored in the little black scallop before cutting out the pieces.
Making a pocket is not hard.  I know you can do it.  :-)
1. Measure the size of pocket you want to put on your card.  (My pocket is 3 3/4"--to fit in the middle panel.)
2. Add 1/2" flaps on three sides of the pocket (in this case, the bottom and the left and right sides).
3. Score between the flaps and the pocket and trim away a tiny bit at an angle so that the construction of the pocket isn't easily viewable when finished.
4. Add strong adhesive to the back.  I prefer tacky tape.
5. Mount it to your card.
6. Cut an insert to fit inside the pocket.  (I went with 3 1/2" wide so the insert would slide in and out of the pocket easily.)

Let's see.  I used several CTMH stamp sets on this card.  "Happy Forever" is retired but too cute to pass up.  "Joyful Birthday", "Enjoy!", and "Paper Doll" were used, too.
Thanks for stopping by!  :-)

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Miriam Prantner said...

Great card! I've been on the bubble on the paper doll set, but now I think I need it!