Background Directions Purple & Lagoon Card

When I made this background I used a piece of clear packaging.  I really liked the fact that I could see through it to make lining everything up easier.  Starting with the ink being applied in one direction cover the page as desired.  When applying the ink first ink your sponge and apply in back and forth strokes to the plastic and then gradually add to the paper.  This helps the ink apply evenly.
Now I added the second color working across the paper in the opposite direction.  And there you have it.  Have fun with it and enjoy.  If you have any other questions Please just ask I will do my best to help.
Thanks for your comments...appreciate your thoughtfulness.....Smiles.....Joanie


Anonymous said...

Great instructions! And the pictures make it easy to "see" what you mean. :-)

luv2srap said...

Love the card! Thanks for posting instructions.