How to Make a Star Fold Card

A Star Fold Card for almost any Occasion:


To make this 6" card, you will need to start with a piece of paper measuring 12 X 12.  Laying it on your mat you can easily find the center of one of the sides.  Mark the 6" point and draw a line down the paper for about 2". 


Now you can draw a line from the corner left to the center line, making sure it is 12" long, do this again of the other side from right corner to center at 12" point.  Now you can trim off the corners using your paper trimmer.  Sometimes it helps to cut of the excess at the top of the triangle, also you can now erase your pencil line.



You will now find the center of each side of the triangle.  Using those lines you will now score from center point on one side to the center point on the other side.  You will do this three times. 


When you have finished scoring it should look like the picture above.


Now using the score lines you just finished place this score line on the 1 3/4" line on the trimmer and score a second line, do this on the other two sides.


When all score lines are finished it should look like this.  Now with the paper laying flat on the table top fold in all score lines nearest the center, and the second score line on all points should fold out

Points or triangles will interlock together.  Here are a few more examples of this card worked up.


I used two different paper packets for these projects both were from CTMH, Florentine was one and the other was Mayberry, also the color Blush was used for the last card.

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  1. Love the cards and your tutorial... thanks Joanie!

  2. Very neat card. I have not made one of these before. Your tutorial is very good. I really like the first card. When I saw that second card, my heart melted. So soft and girly! :-)

  3. I cannot wait to make this card. Could you give us help on cutting out paper to fit on the inside so that there is a border on the outer edges?

  4. Hi, Lynn. I'm not mom, but maybe I can help. It looks to be an equalateral triangle (every side and every angle is the same). So, If you measure the height of the triangle, from the top tip down throught the middle to the center of the bottom edge, you will get the height of the triangle. For a quick way to cut inserts--no matter the size of your card--reduce the height by 1/4" and cut the inserts out on the cricut. OR You can cut a template by making two cards and cutting out and saving the middle triangle. Then trim away, like, an 1/8" on each side and save it in a file for whenever you make this card. Hope this helps a little. Hugs, B

  5. Great card and great tutorial. Thanks.

  6. great card and a great tutorial thank you

  7. I love this! I can easily see this as a Hanukkah card with blue and silver! Great tutorial! Thanks!!

  8. Great instructions! Thank You. This will make a terrific Hanukkah card.

  9. great card and instructions....... question? is the back of the card solid card stock? did you only place the patterned paper on the inside and front folds?

  10. thank you for these instructions - very nice.

  11. Is there any chance you could give measurements. Especially for that final fold. I don't use a scoring board.

  12. I don't understand the instructions! The first 2 photos seem to contradict each other. WHY the 2" marking at all??? If you do the 2" line, you lose the 12" on each side which it states you require. I've followed the instructions as quoted but what am I missing here? Can anyone explain?

  13. @ a word to the wise:
    you start with a 12x12 square card, but you need a triangle with 12'sides.

    To get each side 12', you need to draw that line from the top centre. Then from the bottom corner, measure 12' to the line, and trim the sides.

    Hope this helps!


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